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Maura's Eye

By: Camryn A.
Illinois, Age 13

Deep, chilling blue eyes. The one and only kind you would see when the ocean swallows you up whole like a tiger shark swooping down and gobbling you up. These eyes are indescribable, once they lay eyes on yours. It inhales you like the air you and it breathes, leaving you with an extraordinary feeling. The eyes run wild like a jungle cat racing the wind. An eye this blue is a treasured jewel, smashing into your mind. It's a storm so powerful and strong, yet a graceful, dainty soul. These magnificent blue eyes sneak into your mind with an impact lasting forever. Remorseful feelings fill me as I mourn in the memory when it closed up and left me.

Maura's body lies still in the cool lifeless dirt. Beneath a stone carved with the words: Maura, a marvel blue eyed beauty... my love and goddess queen. Those same words sat their years...decades... and centuries, which are still being memorialized to this day. Maura is gone. Never coming back. That dreadful disease snatched her. Possessed her. It took her body. Not her soul. That is why the sky is blue.

Maura's soul stands in the sky. Her treasured blue eyes sit and watch over us each day. The rain pours down in sadness of her taken life, and a rainbow shines when she sees her husband squat down and look up with a smile. When the vibrant day is done, Goddess Maura's eyes lies down into a motionless sleep. The sky each night paints a picture of the night the God and Goddess first fell in love under the golden sunset. The early night sky is only a vision in her dreams before it slowly stops and her deep sleep takes over.

Love is a beautiful thing. It cannot be broken by the unexpected powers of the world, but by the mind it shall.