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3 against a million

By: Abinaya K.
United Kingdom, Age 10

This is the tale about a girl called Apria, who led a good life till that disastrous day, 5th December 13. She lived in an enchanted magical forest all her life and still does. Alone. She had a pet dragon called Emerald but half of the time he was out spending time with his family. She always wounded how her brothers and sisters looked like, since she was the only one left when her family disappeared.

Apria couldn’t take it anymore, she just couldn’t think about that awful day. She had to go and kill the three witches before the caused chaos by making others disappear and just leaving the youngest alone. Apria packed her bag and went outside and called out secretly,
“Emerald shimmer, Emerald glimmer, come down and fly.” In seconds Emerald the dragon came flying down.

Emerald also came down with two of her other friends, Ruby and Sapphire as to Apria’s best friends needed a ride.

Apria hopped on and flew off, not even prepared to what could happen to her. She had arrived to Shivani’s house and straight after that they both went to Lena’s house.

Taking their time they slowly carried on flying to the witches castle. A few days later Apria and her friends had arrived, so they crept in using their invisibility power, but leaving the three dragons alone. It hadn’t even been one hour of them investigating the castle; they saw a whole team of witches gathered together having a feast that had mouth-watering food.

Lena told Apria and Shivani that it would be better to go and get ready instead of watch them. Tiredly they started moving on back to the three dragons.

By the time they'd came back the witches were scuttling around having a relaxed time. Unfortunately the head of the witches caught a glimpse of Elena’s face. The battle had begun.

The three of them quickly ran back to their dragons for support. Luckily Apria had hid behind the tree which grew Emeralds, Ruby and Sapphires. So she patiently waited for the witches to go so that she could find the witches fighting book. Searching and searching for a whole hour Apria finally found it.

Apria read how to slay witches and also found out that there was an animal called the ‘Waveton.’
Apria rapidly ran back watching the witches surrounding Lena and Elena. But right on the top was the WAVETON!!!!!
Apria secretly came up to all of the witches and stabbed them right in the heart, Lena and Elena knew what to do so they also started on the other half.
Eight (8) days later…

Apria had finally slayed the witches but they just had to run away from the malicious Waveton.

Even though her parents, five (5) sisters and two (2) brothers didn’t come back, she didn’t need to worry about the evil witches coming back ever again, apart from the unbeatable Waveton.