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12 months

By: Iirna_Udelia J.
Illinois, Age 15

Long time ago only one man lived on the Earth. His name was Jan. Jan was mad and lonely, his heart was made of ice. After years of loneliness Jan became bored and he decided to create more creature on the Earth. He made Penguins,Polar bears, Arctic foxes and others. But this didn't satisfy him,Jan wanted more. After a long serch, Jan found a snowflake and made a man called Feb. Living together was good, but not great. Friends decided to made more people.

They created three women. March was made from snowdrops, April was from tulips and May was from daisies. These women were gorgeous and each of them was unique. All the crowd had fun together, but two seasons- spring and winter were not enough. So, they made eight more people, because all them believed that 13 is the powerful number. They wanted to rule the world. And called them self months.

But Ary-the thirteen month was not so kind as the others, he was mean and jealous .He wanted to be the king of the Earth. Ary archly killed all his “friends” 12 months. But they did not die, they came to our Earth every year. Jan, the most powerful month, called all months and gathered their strength to destroy Ary. When Ary died they transformed him into thousands of humans to live in Earth. When they came they gave a lot of gifts for people, fruits, vegetables, ice, flowers and hot weather.

Thats how four seasons had been formed, winter, spring, summer and fall. Months took turn to come to visit the Earth. For some of them people were waiting really long time.