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Madness can be Beautiful

By: Jessie B.
Indiana, Age 13

As we go about life we find that we all have different moods, we can be happy, sad, excited, bored, and mad…yes, mad. You see in the beginning, there was a whole new world. There were many gods and goddesses; some were more powerful than others. The god said to be most powerful and popular is Zeus. He was the god of lightning and the heavens. He has two other brothers, Poseidon and Hades. Poseidon is god of the seas and water. Hades is the god of the underworld.
Zeus and Poseidon were seated at the grand banquet table in Mount Olympus when Hades stormed through the big wooden doors. Hades has a look of rage because he was not invited join in on the feast. Zeus looks at Poseidon and says” I thought you told Hades about the feast?” Poseidon replies,” No, I thought you had told Hades?” They begin to blame each other. Hades looks at them in disgust, then immediately fries Zeus and Poseidon’s food on each of their platters. Hades said,” Since I have not eaten and was not invited to join this feast, no one deserves to eat!” He storms out of the banquet hall raging like an exploding volcano.
The three brothers are all mad at each other, they can’t figure out how to solve this problem, so they make war. Athena is in Mount Olympus and rumors are going around about the three brothers and their problem and heard that they are solving this problem with war. Athena is the goddess of wisdom and battle strategies. She goes to Poseidon and talks to him about the problem. He tells her about the feast and about Hades storming off and they all created war to fix their problem. She said to him,” War can’t fix all of your problems.” Of course being the way Poseidon is, he doesn’t understand what she had said because he isn’t as wise as Athena. Athena said that she would help Poseidon throughout the war, and he was grateful.
They have set up a time they will have the war and it is almost that time. Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades are suiting up for the battle. Zeus and Hades don’t know that Athena will be helping Poseidon all through the war. Athena knows all about wars because that is one of her powers, battle strategies. It is now almost time for the battle in three… two… one… now!
The battle is on and Hades takes his first move at Zeus. He used his flaming breath, but Zeus ricocheted his flaming breath with his lightning bolt. Now Hades is taking a move on Poseidon. He uses his flaming breath, but Poseidon repels the flames with a wall of water. Now its Zeus’s turn to strike at Poseidon, Athena knows she should be ready at anytime to strike up and give advice. Zeus uses his lightning bolt, Athena quickly responds to Poseidon to dodge the bolt by jumping over the bolt. So he quickly takes her advice and does what he is told. He jumps… but not quite high enough…he hits the bolt… and lands on the ground. After he hits the ground it starts to rain.
When it is raining it means the battle is over. They all get up and they return to their chambers in Mount Olympus. When they all return, the sun comes out but it still rains for three days. They stay in their chambers for three days to calm down. Once they calm down a rainbow forms to represent peace.