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A Rainbow for Spring

By: Meghan C.
Maryland, Age 15

All alone in a field on a pleasent April day, lay a pale little girl with colorful petals of a flower tangled in her red hair. The girl had been cursed by a witch whom she encountered in the woods when she was smuggling food from a townswoman. Now she will never stand again. Nine years alone without a mother or father was scary and confusing for the child. She knew she was special, but did not know how. She lay there looking up at the sun, whishing for a cool rain to soothe her parched throat and chapped lips. Suddenly, she felt raindrops on her cheeks. The golden sun still shone bright overhead, yet the rain became a downpour. The coolness of the fresh spring rain washed over her and she felt a feeling of peace and harmony. The girl drifted into a peaceful sleep.
When the girl woke, the air was misty. Her heart skipped a beat, someone was near. ''Hello?'' , she called out. There was no answer, yet the feeling of some ones presence became stronger. Suddenly, the shadow of a woman appeared. The girl tried to get up, but the curse prevented her. ''Do not fret child'', the woman said. ''I am Iris, your mother. I have come to free you from this burdon''. The girl gazed appon this woman, Iris, who claims she is her mother. She was very beautiful. She looked like a goddess to this young, poor child. She held a staff in her hand, and shone brightly as a light enveloped her body. ''Sadly,I bring bad news. Your theft from the town was unacceptable. I have no choice but to punish you for your actions. I shall lay you across the sky to bring peace and harmony for the rest of eternity''. She then picked up the petals caught in the girls hair.''The colors of these petals will be what is shown of you. Blue is for space, peace and serenity. Green is for life and hope. Yellow is for laughter, gaiety, and warmth. Orange is for health and strength. Red is for blood, danger ,bravery, and passion. Violet is for royalty, and power, and indigo is for silence, thought, and reflection. Every day from now on, when it rains and the sun is out, evertone will see you. A bow of colors tied together in harmony. A complete circle only to the rare eye that can see it from above. Everyone will see the half of you differently, depending on what raindrrops they see. The raindrops they see will reflect their actions. Bring peace my child, not hate''. The goddess threw the child up to the sky, and an burst of color appeared. A magnificent rainbow for all to see and reflect on. The young girl felt peaceful for the first time. On that spring day, the rainbow was born.