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How butterflys came to be

By: Kyleigh R.
Nebraska, Age 10

How Butterflys came to be!!!!!!!!

A long long time ago there was a lonely old catipiler , that lived in an old womans backyard. She had been taking care of him for him for many years. One day she said , oh little old catipiler Iíve been taking care of you for too long and itís time for me to let you go. She went to her backyard and let him go. She was crying all the
Way till she couldnít see him anymore. The poor old lady thought she was never going to see him again . Then she went to sleep. And she saw the scariest thing ever
It scared her P.Jís off her body. It was a roman god . Named Malimor . I am here to warn you about limsman the monster and he is going to try and kill you your friend
Catipiller . Oh No! I have to save him. I am afraid not. Why !Well he will try to kill
You to . I have to save him ! You canít other wise you will die. I am willing to take the risk . The first thing in the morning I will go in the woods and find him .The next morning she woke up put her slippers on and started walking tward the woods
She was calling him by his given name Jasper Jasper she didnít see him anywhere
But she saw a showdy figure ,it was lisman the monster. Oh No! Jasper.
Then she saw that there was a cacoon. That canít be . Jasper . she walked into the open lisman saw her and he turned back around .phew. that was close . she ran over to the cocoon and grabed it .Then she ran back to her house .she felt the cacoon
shake. There was these beautiful wings poping out Jasper I knew that I would find you . And she never forgot that day that she found Jasper again.