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Growing Up

By: Cassidy H.
Nebraska, Age 10

Do you know how adults came to be? I know how because I went back in time and saw.
I will tell you how it came to be.

One day all the Gods and Goddesses had a meeting about how their parts of the world were getting out of hand and how out of control they were. So the dashing Goddess Suki summoned the order. “Listen everyone, our turfs are getting out of control. Even for us the great and powerful,” she paused for a little bit and then continued. “What I am saying is that maybe we should take the Monster’s deal and report that we want to take it.” All the Gods and Goddesses gasped. “It would be breaking our vow to protect all the children,” exclaimed Crazyaho. “Indeed it would, how can you say that and be the head of all of us,” yelled Tarafuku. “It is the only thing we can do to prevent the clans from going into war,” finished Suki. Then she flashed herself out using her power, quickness.

The next day Suki went of on her travels to see the court of the Monster’s. She was anxious and nervous for everyone who went there never came back, alive. But she kept carrying on and traveling east toward their cave. She traveled over mountains and through narrow passageways. She even had to cross the great Arctic Ocean by running so fast that she could walk on the water. She finally got to the cave, and stepped in.

Heria, Susamun, Sikistu, Titancin, and Ziera were having a meeting. Suki crept inside and hid behind a rock and listened to their conversation. “We need to get them Gods,” “And Goddesses,” Susamun. “Oh whatever,” Sisiku said. “We just need them to take the deal for within the deal is a curse. A curse that will turn all them puny Gods.” “And Goddesses,” Susamun interrupted again. “Would you be quiet! Any way it will turn them all into monsters and that’s what we need. We can create a monster that will control all those little things,” said Sisiku. “They’re called children or kids if that’s easier to remember,” shouted Suki. All of the Monster Court gasped for they didn't know that they were being watched. “I thought there was something wrong in here! And there was one of the Goddesses has been listening to us!,” cried Heria. “We should capture her and make her sign the deal,” shouted Ziera. “She will be betraying her friends and then she will become a monster and destroy her friend. How ironic!” Ziera was laughing hysterically and then Suki was taken prisoner.

The next day all the Gods and Goddesses were wondering where their leader, Suki was. “Oh no, what if she travels to the cave where the Monster Court is held,” cried Tarafuku. “She wouldn't do that, would she?” Said Crazyaho. “We can only hope that she didn’t for no one has ever come back, alive.”

Suki was very sad and the Monsters were trying to get her to sign it, but she was using her super power, speed, to make sure that they didnt get thier slimy hands on her. “Hold still, Suki otherwise we’ll use Sikistu’s power to shock you into doing it. Ha, ha, ha!” cried Heria. “I will never sign that thing and turn myself into a Monster like you!” hissed Suki. “Oh well we’ll just give you a little shock, of electricity,” sneered Heria. “Fine I’ll sign it, but is it possible that you can turn me into the meanest Monster on Earth so that I can rule the other Gods and Goddesses?” questioned Suki. Suki was trying to get them to disagree on the idea and turn her into the nicest Monster on Earth. “We have made our decision,” said Titancan. “And you will become the opposite of what you want.” “Fine at least I’ll be a Monster,” said Suki. Her plan was working all she needs to do was sign the document! “You ready Suki,” growled Heria. “Yep,” replied Suki. Suki signed the deal and then y magic she was turned into the most beautiful Monster ever! She was just like a kid but a grown-up version. SHe was so thankful.

She ran home, but to her disappointment her super power was gone. When she got home everyone was afraid of her and called her “Adult, adult!” She was angry and started bossing the kids around and they always called her Adult or Mom on special occasions.

To this day that is what moms and adults are called. They are just like Suki in her Monster form. Now kids grow up because Suki made that deal, and now you know how kids grow up and adults came to be.