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A Girl That Turn Into a Frog

By: Lesly V.
Iowa, Age 9

Once upon a time there was a little girl name Brooklin.When she woke up she found out that she turned into a frog.She hated to be a frog because she couldn’t do anything.When her mom saw the frog she didn’t know it was Brooklin.So her mom took her out with the mop.

So then Brooklin left the house.She was lonely she didn’t have anybody to be with.Later on, she found a frog laying on the floor sleeping.Brooklin woke up the frog.Brooklin wanted to know her name.Brooklin asked what is your name.So the other frog said ‘’My name is Jessie’’.Jessie told brooklin “What’s your name?” “My name is Brooklin.”They went for a walk at the park.

A little girl saw them and she screamed “Ahhhhh!” Brooklin and Jessie went jumping away from the park.They went to a pond and swim.When the little girl went to tell her mom the little girl said ‘’there’s a frog over there”.When they went the frogs weren’t there.her mom said “they are not there”.The little girl didn’t understand that they were not there.She wanted her mom to go to see them.