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Jeffery the flying pig

By: Kyle A.
Australia, Age 13

Once upon a time there lived a
regular/normal pig called Jeffery. One day he was walking on the grass next to water then suddenly a squid jumped from the water and landed on Jeffery face, Jeffery quickly punched the squid multiple times then the squid jumped off Jeffery’s face and into the water swimming away. Jeffery then kept on walking and accidently stubbled into a cave and rolled down it. When he got up he looked at the cave that he fell from and it was blocked by giant rocks, he looks up and realises that he is in ravine. He quickly runs around the ravine looking for an exit, then suddenly he hears a noise, looks up and sees a bat. The bat flew down to him asking Jeffery if he needed help, Jeffery asked how to get out of the ravine and introduced himself. The bat/Dillon then helped him up. When they got out of the ravine the squid jumped on Jeffery’s face again. Then Jeffery and Dillon run away from the squid, Jeffery turns around to the squid and runs into it making the squid fly away, and then keeps on running. The squid quickly got up and started chasing them again. Then suddenly the God of all animals (Jimmy the hairy, ugly Gorilla) gave Jeffery a pair of wings and Jeffery flew up next to Dillon and both of them killed the squid.

All the squid wanted was some sugar/ a hug.