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''The Dark days!!!''

By: Reed B.
Tennessee, Age 11

One day the power went out in Missippi for days.When they woke up the where astoned of what happend the wher jumping up and down on clouds slideng on rainbows then a great big eagle swooped down and gave them a ride.Candy land and then they had all the candy in the world choclate,cookies,pizza,bacon,and icecream.Then the cloud broke and they fell on ipods, ipads,iphone all the apple products and androids evry phone even samgson galicies note 2 and 5ther phones the called ther parents and they did not awnsewer. Jony blase picked them up on his motercycle and drove to moter cycle land foreweller land car land and i saw quincy buying a lamboginie and he did not have enoghph mony to buy it so he fley to cash quick and picked up 9 million dollersin cash.I got just a little bit over 278 billion and bot a 4000 foot yat i also bought the best fishing spot ever.