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.How the Stars Came To Be.

By: Benjamin M.
Mississippi, Age 10

Back then, 500 years ago there were two kingdoms, the fire and the ice. They fought in many wars. Flamous, god or king of the flame, was very brave yet sensitive to his temper. Iceor ,king of the frozen heart,was very fearful yet is not a warrior, he is a pacifist. The war raged on as Flamous and his troops were quickly dieing, so he took one of Iceor's warriors. He made water. The warrior was no longer a warrior ,but he was a leader known as Riverous. He immediately stopped the war.There was peace in the land. Riverous and Flamous worked together to make Earthor. Earthor and Flamous made Electrous. Recently Iceor died, so Riverous took his place, because he was originally Iceor's subject. Earthor passed his territorial lines. Thus making the war restart. The four magical scepters touched making sparks fly. From then on out , they lived in clans,Fireclan,Riverclan,Earthclan and electroclan. they called the sparks