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Poseiden vs Madusa

By: Davisha D.
Mississippi, Age 10

Poseidon trys to strike madusa where it herts, but poseidon brother zeus show's up and it turn's out that zeus is with madusa because they have teemed up. Poseidon try's to stop both of them before they destroy the town with his lightening bults of thunder. Hades is the under wourld god, and poseidon is the water god. Madusa threatend to set the castle on fire.Poseidon's wife had a baby,and poseidon uses his magic to make his son a strong and powerful boy to try and deafet hades. The boy used his power's that he was given too, to deafet hades, but when madusa took her hat off she turned everyone into stone. When the boy deafeted hades and madusa everyone lived happily ever after.