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A fight for freedom

By: Clare H.
Ohio, Age 10

Long ago there was a goddess princess named Ocean Pacifica and she had the powers to make brinicles and waterspouts and she can make frost flowers. One day she want to be free to sea the ocean world and the world so she had to fight for her freedom and she used all of her powers and strength to beat the wizard that she was facing. Her mom and dad didnít want her to fight but she wanted to be free and thats the only way she could be free. Her brother didnít want her to leave so she wanted her to lose but he did the same and he wanted to be free so he said if she wants to be free she can. In the magical forest that they lived by she went into it and that was where she was fighting him and then the wizard showed up. Then they started to fight and she was the first to use her powers and then he took a whack at her and he missed but she got him and then he took another shot and he got her but she got him every time she took a shot. Then they started to get really into it and then her mom,dad,and brother came to watch but then they got into it and he was outnumbered until he started to get his family and it started to become a huge battle. The thing that they did after that is it was a two day battle so one they second day both of their families went and they all started to fight but her family started first and they all used their powers and got each person in the wizards family. Then it was the wizards families turn and they all took a hit at her family but they missed. Then her family and the wizards family took their hits together and the powers started to push together and her family pushed harder and they hit the wizards family. The wizards family wasnít done but they hit the floor and then they came back and started fighting harder and then they hit her family and her family feel on the ground but they werenít done either. Then that happened again and they all pushed their powers together but this time the wizards family got her family but neither family was done they were going to keep fighting and her family wanted Ocean Pacificas freedom. She also wanted her freedom some she wasnít going to stop until she got her freedom she also wanted her freedom because she wanted to go search for the perfect fiance. Then after they hit each other they started to get really into it it became a 3 day fight then on the third day they all meet in the same place same area every morning. Then while they were fighting her family started to get more strength and more power and they all brought their powers together and whipped out the wizards family and the wizards family lost and Ocean Pacifica earned her freedom at last. Then she went search for her fiance and she found him and they got married at last. The end.