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Prof. Pig

By: Andrew E.
Ohio, Age 10

Once upon a time there was a piglet named Andrew he was on a farm when one day the farmer picked him up he thought, “I’M DEAD THERE GOING TO COOK ME AND EAT ME!!” But, the farmer gave him to a man in a business suit and the man walked away with him. Andrew thought “With any luck he wants me as a pet and not cook me and feed me to his family.” Then the man in the business suit got into a limizene and the chauffeur drove them away. Then they got to a mountain side and the chauffeur drove right into the wall but, some how they went right through it into a secret lab. When the piglet saw the lab he was in shock! He loved everything the gizmos the gadgets. But, they took him in a room with a strap chair, giant needle, potions. stitches, and a scientist. They put the piglet in the strap chair and gave him anesthetics and stitched his body parts in different spots. Soon, it was over the piglet now was shaped like a HUMAN!! The piglet liked his new body he lived a normal life except he didn’t go to school, he didn’t have friends, and he lived on the streets. He also had no idea he was ever in the lab. Meanwhile at the lab… The scientist were trying to make a cure for every sickness and tested it in a townsperson. It turned him into a ZOMBIE!! 10 years later… Andrew now was out of his 10 year hibernation that’s right, the effect of turning into a human shaped pig made him sleep 10 years straight but, it only happens once in his life. He didn’t see any cars, streets, houses, or anything he just kept walking and finally found a small town. He asked someone where is everyone the townsperson said “10 years ago a secret agency accidently turned someone into a zombie ever since the apocalypse has come out at night.” Wow said Andrew he walked away with his jaw dropped on the floor. Then he saw a restaurant with a long line. He said “What’s this about?” A townsperson said “This is a really fancy restaurant you’ll never get in.” “What makes you say that?” asked Andrew. You need a tuxedo and you're a pig you don’t have clothes. So Andrew walked away and found the blacksmith of the town and the Blacksmith said my furnace doesn’t work is you fix it you can keep what’s clogging it up. Andrew reached and found sheers. The blacksmith said thank you then Andrew walked away. Then falling from the sky came a tux Andrew put it on. Andrew walked right in the fancy restaurant. He sat next to a sheep also in the shape of a human. There waiter came and said “What do you want to eat?” NOTHING the sheep said. “Okay” said the Waiter. The sheep told Andrew “ Want to help me take over the world?” You're crazy said Andrew. Then the sheep pulled out a bow and a lot of arrows and said “EVERYONE BUT THIS PIG GET OUT OR I’LL SHOOT YOU!!” Everyone ran out. Andrew said “What’s this about?” You will be the last one who calls me crazy. Then the FBI showed up and said “Don’t move we have you surrounded!” Then, the sheep blew up one of there cars. Then Andrew remembered that sheep don’t like sheers he pulled his out and the sheep ran out the back door and pushed away the FBI agents. Then the FBI came in and Nick Fury came and said to Andrew “Sorry about that, that was the evil Prof. Sheep. He has done tons of crimes but you showed courage want to join the FBI?” Andrew said “Give me some time to think.” Nick Fury said “It’s okay we can” “YES” Said Andrew. “Okay I guess.” said Nick Fury. Then Nick Fury told Andrew “The owner of the restaurant cooks people to make his food we must stop him.” So they went to his house and broke down the door. Then they saw a monster Rich said “I call him Josh.” Then Josh started killing tons of agents bit Andrew killed him and Rich got away. “We must hunt down Rich.” “Okay.” said Andrew. Then Nick Fury got a call Nick Fury said. “Andrew you have to do it on your own the FBI has important business to do but you're the only one without a tight schedule.” “Okay.” said Andrew. So Nick Fury said. “All we know is that there in the middle of the ocean.” “WHAT!!!” said Andrew. How did they get there so fast “I don’t know.” said Nick Fury. Andrew sent out to find them. Andrew went to an island nearby it was kind of like Smurf land but he ignored it he got in a mini rowboat. Then, he just kept on rowing and eventually he found a HUGE pirate ship. He wondered if they’ve seen Rich so, he went on board but, it seemed empty he went in the captains quarters and he found a TON of gold but once again he ignored it. He went under the body of the ship and found TONS of minerals. He found gold, diamonds, emeralds, iron, ruby, and many more minerals! Then he went on the body of the ship and he found Rich and Prof. Sheep! Then Andrew fought them Rich was about to kill him then Prof. Sheep pushed Rich in the water and said “He is mine to kill!” Then Rich’s make-up went off and it turned out he was a witch! Worst of all the wart was HUGE! Then Andrew pushed Prof. Sheep off board while he wasn’t looking. After that Prof. Sheep swam to the jungle Andrew followed him but, he lost him. Witch was long gone in his back-up yacht. After a couple minutes Andrew heard something he started fast-walking he heard it again he started jogging he heard it again and ran for his life and standing in front of him was Tarzan! Tarzan said “You help me?” Andrew said “With what?” “Evil walking lambchop makes black gas go in sky.” “Okay lead me to him.” said Andrew. Then, Tarzan led him to a hole and said “He in here.” “Okay” said Andrew. He fell down and there was a arrow trap and Tarzan got hit! Tarzan died. Then Andrew shot Prof. Sheep he died then Tarzan’s family came down and just stared at his body but, it was fading away same with Prof. Sheep’s. Andrew checked down the hall and he saw a portal He went in He saw a big throne and this place had no gravity Andrew flew and he screamed stop and he fell down he thought “Maybe you can choose to have gravity or not.” He walked to the throne and saw Prof. Sheep he said “Where’s Tarzan!” Prof. Sheep said “The portal doesn’t work if you die. Build me a new one and I’ll show you.” Andrew built one the Prof. Sheep ran in Andrew said “What about our deal!” but, Prof. Sheep was too far to hear. Andrew found Tarzan broke him out of the little box and let him go through the portal. Then they lost Prof. Sheep. Andrew said “We’ll get him one day.” Someone came down and said “I’m Bob!” “That’s nice said Andrew.” “Will you be my friend?” “Sure.” Said Andrew “Yay!” yelled Bob “MY LITTLE PONY!!” Andrew thought “Did this guy get dropped on his head when he was little or something?” To be continued...