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The defeat of devilous

By: Jasmine P.
United Kingdom, Age 10

Long ago and far away there once lived an beautiful and adventurous girl called ruby in ancient Greece. She was a very brave girl. She was never disheartened or mean to anybody what so ever
Whereas on the other side was DEVILOUS the only scariest thing ever to be , he was scarier than a terrifying horror movie he was as scary as an haunted house locked away with evil spirits. The devil had been holding back the whole of Greece to proceed further in to their life as he thought by doing this he would be able to take over the world by doing this lowly act. Ruby had heard a lot of rumours of the beast everywhere. It was all up to ruby to step up and defeat terrible Devilous so bad that he would never ever bother to show his face to the world ever again.
Ruby thought and thought and finally came to the conclusion of getting over Devilous for once and for all no matter what she went to a quiet place in the ruins and took an oath to get over Devilous and she said she would go to any circumstance just to get over Devilous. So at last the whole of Greece would be finally at peace. Ruby went ahead to find out more about the excruciatingly annoying monster while she was walking tensely she met a very old woman who was badly injured and hurt ruby immediately went ahead and escorted the lady at her house which was full of dirt and spiders as she was very poor. Ruby went in to escort her and she asked the woman of how had she hurt herself so badly, the beast the beast said the woman by stammering as she was out of breath. `` He has an head of an devil with many snake heads surrounded all over his gigantic devil head``. ``it has a body full of prickly poisonous thorns, he has two massive legs which are all equal to 1,0000 cheetah legs he is terrifying` `Ruby took note of everything the old lady said.
Ruby then went off to look for the beast as she walked past all the shops and streets in the town she saw something rather very peculiar all the shops and streets in the town were closed. Ruby then just carried on walking thinking about the very scary case of Devilous . She stopped for a second as she thought she had heard a big thud but she looked around her and it was just an illusion. But the second time it happened it was not an illusion at all. Ruby looked behind her and the only thing she saw was DEVILOUS…………
Ruby had really started to panic at seeing Devilous she then got out her sword from her bag and flung it really hardly at Devilous that made Devilous really angry and he then got out his gun and fired the bullet right at her but he missed ruby ran and hid without letting Devilous now ruby the behind hit flung the sword at him at that was the end of Devilous forever . while Ruby was the heroine of Greece with a smile always on her face.