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Pony girl

By: Macy J.
United Kingdom, Age 10

A long time ago in ancient Greece there was a little girl her name was Sophie when she was little she was little she got attacked by a horse she killed the horse and the horse was special he bleed all over Sophie and gave her magical powers.

The lord Zeus was not happy at all when she had killed the magical horse .Lord Zeus decided she had to be punished with a job that no one else could do.

Pony went to Lord Zeus’s office to see what her task was. Lord Zeus said” your task is to rescue some puppy on a building but the problem was there was a ferocious beast lurking near and he hated puppy’s a lot” pony girl had to find a way to get to it but how…

Pony girl had to rescue the puppy’s fast .but the ferocious beast stopping her he had hair made of fire breathing snake a serpent tail breathes fire to anyone who comes near he was the most vicious monster in the world pony girl had to rescue the puppy’s but how…

Pony girl had to rescue the puppies quickly but the ferioucous monster was stopping her she tried to sneak around it and not get the monster angry she had to FIGHT it she got on her horse and summoned all the horses in the land she yelled at the relentless monster” hey ugly come and get me” the monster was furious .will pony girl win...

The monster was angry he charged at pony girl but the horses attacked the monster he was powerless now his powers were drowned he had nothing to do but die.

Pony girl finished the monster of with a flame of fire meanwhile back at lord Zeus was mighty proud of Pony girl. Pony girl had defeated the monster now she had to save the Puppy’s so she decided to summon a pony she summons a spider pony climbed up the building grabbed the Puppy’s and went to Zeus’s office Zeus gave her a medal for her EPIC work and she asked why the Puppies were so special Zeus said the they were bionic.

Pony girl had a party for her work she invited all her friends as a reward she got a pony with all the powers of every superhero in the world and they all lived happily ever after
the end.