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''Strong Love''

By: Karen A.
Mexico, Age 15

The God of fire once had a beautiful daughter named Rela. They were very close. One day when Rela turn to 18 years old she decided she wanted to see the God of the water ďthe enemy of his fatherĒ. What she didnít know is that he had a son named Maracaibo.
When she arrived to the place where the God of the water was and she was seeing them from a distance she saw his son too and instantly she felt in love. She knew it was love at first sight, but also she knew they couldnít be together because their fathers were enemies. Maracaibo saw her too and he felt the same thing. Maracaibo was so impress with the beauty of Rela o that he didnít care about their families.
He went to visit her to get to know her a little bit more. They started seeing each other in secret. Each day they felt in love more and more. They decided they wanted to get married but they didnít know how to tell their fathers. They were scared because they didnít want to be apart from each other.
After a while they invented the perfect plan to tell them, but only a few hours before they tell them the truth, the God of the fire found them kissing, he got very angry and threw a line of lightings in a form of sword to Maracaibo but Rela put herself in front of him to save him, but the lightings were so strong that they killed both.
Now each year from the date that Rela and Maracaibo died to the date Rela was born, to commemorate their love, the God of the fire throw lightings from all around the place where the 2 of them used to see each other (now days itís called Lake Maracaibo) because he knows their love didnít died with them, he knows their love itís so strong like the lightings, he knows their love will last forever.
Since his son died the God of the water has been living in loneliness, he doesnít do much. He never complains about the lightings that fall in his lake. He enjoy all the days this phenomena occurs remembering his son. He has been in peace with the God of Fire since they lost their sons.
They call this phenomena ďThe Everlasting Storm in VenezuelaĒ.