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A Woman Named Andrea

By: Sydney H.
Indiana, Age 15

At the dawn of time, civilization was created in the image of a perfect society by the gods. Earth was a utopia, where only kind words and content people were known to exist. The gods agreed upon concealing mortals from all hurtful and horrible actions, behaviors, and feelings. The gods’ plan worked for a couple of thousands of years, for all of humanity maintained a harmonious life, especially a young man named Erebos.
Erebos owned a magnificent home in Sparta along with his wife Aleta, and their two children. Erebos was a missionary, who often traveled through oceans and foreign lands spreading his love and respect of the gods. The gods were like proud parents of Erebos, and appreciated everything he sacrificed in their honor.
Faith of the gods spread quickly throughout the world. Erebos was towards the end of his mission, only having Rome to attend before returning home. Upon arriving in Rome, Erebos climb atop his stool and began preaching the faith of the gods. However, the Romans had other beliefs. People would respectfully smile at Erebos but continue walking on their way. A young woman named Andrea approached the babbling man and scowled at him.
“Excuse me, sir,” Andrea hissed, “but this is a peaceful city with a proud culture. Please do not try to poison our minds with your silly stories! Now go take your business elsewhere!”
Erebos looked confused and replied, “I’m very sorry, ma’am, but I’m spreading the word of my gods!”
The woman became angry with Erebos and shouted, “How dare you! Our Roman gods are far better than those nonsensical Greek gods of yours! Now leave before you are punished!”
Erebos turned the other way and continued preaching. Andrea was filled with rage and attacked him from behind. She pierced his heart with a sword she had hidden under her robe, and Erebos fell to the ground. Andrea had killed the beloved Erebos. The gods of Olympus looked down onto Erebos’ body, weeping over the loss of their most loyal and loving human. All the gods went to Zeus and demanded revenge on Andrea. Zeus was outraged with the mortal woman of Rome. He agreed that something must be done.
Back down in Rome, people were appalled by Andrea’s actions. However, due to their peaceful way of life, they accepted her mistake as irreversible and did their best to move on. However, one night an aged man approached the door of Andrea’s home and knocked. Andrea opened the door and grumbled, “If you’re here to chastise me, don’t waste your time. Go back home, you old kook.”
The old man smirked and said, “You must not know who I am.” The smile grew wider and wider upon his face. “That does not matter at the moment, however. I will assure you that the human race will spend the rest of your life living in the equivalent amount of despair that you have caused us. You all shall pay for what you have done!”
Lighting flashed and the old man turned into the mighty god, Zeus. He took one last look at Andrea, and then he left her and all of humanity to their eternity of sadness. To this day, people still wonder why we have depression, and they often blame it on a chemical imbalance or of a bad childhood. In reality, all the negativity in the world exists because of a woman named Andrea.