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A Girl and Her Thunderstorms

By: Christine Z.
Maine, Age 15

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who did not get along with her sister. They fought almost everyday, constantly bickering about useless arguments that made little sense. The girl would start the fights, or the sister would start the fights, but regardless of who started the fights or what they were even fighting about, it had to stop now! The fighting just could not go on any longer - but how could it be fixed forever?
The true problem was that every time the girls started yelling at each other, a mysterious crack of thunder erupted from the sky. Everyone in the community had never heard of such a noise before, so they started questioning their sanity. What is this crazy sound? Where is it coming from? Is this all in my head? These thoughts went crossed the minds of community members whenever this perplexing thunder sound appeared. One day, the people of the town had their problems solved right in front of their eyes. Some community members were witnesses to one of the biggest fights that the two sisters could have possibly ever had, complete with loud shrieking, intense yelling, and even acts of physical violence. Meanwhile, the two sisters were so wrapped up in their fight to notice that the sky turned a deep gray shade, and down came the rain momentarily afterwards. That mysterious sound of thunder returned, but it only returned because the sisters were fighting. How livid the community members truly were! No one could take their fighting or the thunderstorms anymore!
One magical day, sunshine appeared across the sky and filled the town with light and happiness. The only true reason for this drastic change? The sisters finally learned to make peace with each other. No more thunderstorms!!