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A Twinkle in the Sky

By: Lauren S.
Indiana, Age 15

The pitch black sky is not just a never ending hole of darkness. It is a home to many many stars. As you look at the sky from the earth it may look like the sky is motionless and there is nothing going on, but really it is much busier than it is down here on earth. At least that how it was about a million years ago.
When the stars first came about they were so energetic and loved moving around. Glitter and Sprinkle, two of the youngest stars, were always finding a way to have fun. They would chase each other in circles and would always want to see who could zoom the fastest. One day, they wanted to be rebels and do what not even the head star, Blast, was allowed to do. They wanted to see who could get the closest to the sun without bursting into a severe blaze. Glitter and Sprinkle knew this mustíve been dangerous because their parents told them every day before they go away and play that they need to stay away from the sun. They said that itís not just their rule, but itís a rule in the Twilight Sky and if anyone were to break this rule it would cause the whole sky to be frozen. As kids do, they disobeyed their parents and tried to get as close to the sun as they could. As they got closer and closer to the sun Glitter gave up and told Sprinkle that she was scared and didnít want to get in trouble or get hurt. Sprinkle was a dare devil and kept on going, until seconds later there was a big flash in the sky. Sprinkle had burst. The head star, Blast, came zipping over to the scene and was furious. He said that all because of them the world of stars had to be frozen and couldnít talk. Seconds later, Blast sent a spell across the whole sky and froze everything. Now that none of the stars can move around and talk to each other, they use their twinkles to communicate. If Sprinkle and Glitter wouldíve never disobeyed, you would see much more than a twinkle here and a twinkle there in the sky at night.