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By: Asian W.
Malaysia, Age 5

A long time ago in a land not so far away, only about a few thousand miles there was a powerful god named Zeus. He had overthrown his tyrannical father Cronus for the throne of the gods. Below Mt.Olympus where the puny humans lived they worshiped and offered the gods sacrifices of people and animals. They also offered their most expensive and wonderful foods. The gods were very grateful and in return they gave them essentials for living. The gods each had their own powers and helped them in many different ways. For example Dionysus was the god of wine and drunkenness he gave them alcoholic beverages to help wash away all of their troubles by getting wasted. Another Goddess was Athena she was the goddess of wisdom. She gave them brain power to invent new weapons of mass destruction. She helped them make cannons, ballistas,crossbows,trebuchets. She also helped the philosophers and scientists come up with new theories and crazy stuff that made no sense whatsoever but back then it was totally fine. Zeus was the most powerful of all of the gods. He was the god of the sky and time. He had his lightning bolts that were forged by the one-eyed cyclops. But another goddess Medis didnít like Zeus so she made a magical potion of death and put it in Zeusís wine. This potion would turn Zeus very moody and angry but this potion would have unforeseen consequences. But unfortunately Zeus was already a very moody and angry god who often had large temper tantrums just like a 100 year old god when he didnít get what he wanted. This potion made it incredibly dangerous for the humans and Medis instantly regretted her decision to drug Zeus. So with the effects of the everlasting potion when Zeus was angry the sky would turn dark grey and bring despair to the humans and Zeus would throw powerful lightning bolts and balls at the human civilizations. The lightning could kill humans and any other living being. The lightning was incredibly powerful and destroyed lots of homes and families. Sometimes when he was angry enough he would make the lightning bolts strike and murder humans tazing them to death. Also he would have the lighting balls chase people around until they ran out of breath and fell over of exhaustion. The balls would burst and send bolts flying everywhere. After he threw his balls and bolts he would scream at the top of his 40 mile wide lungs and scare the humans. The humans feared Zeus and Medis was very saddened by her mistake. But over the course of time Prometheus would give the humans a genius and one of them figured out how to use lightning for their own benefit. So after a long long time people began to accept Zeusís temper tantrums and learned how to deal with them. Then even just 2,000 years later no one feared Zeusís tantrums and Medis finally forgave herself.