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Turtles Island

By: Jane M.
Wisconsin, Age 10

There was a island of 6 turtle friends. Their names were Bob, Ella, Sophie, Robert, Parker, and Maddie. The turtles island was beautiful. There island was surrounded by crystal blue water, it had golden sand, and it had tall coconut trees. But there was a problem, coconuts kept falling on them then Clammy their other friend invited them to a sea party .So then they swam down.
They played a bunch of games like pin the tail on the seahorse, sea tag, and hide and go seek. While Robert was playing sea tag a coconut fell on him! Then Clammy swam as fast as he could to get Emma the good sea which. So then Clammy told Emma about what was happing to his turtle friends. So Emma thought and thought , and finally said Ill give them a shell she finally got out of there ,swam over to Maddie ,Parker, Sophie ,Ella ,Bob ,and Hurt Robert . She said Ill give you a shell. POOF! now they have a shell, And nobody got hurt again. Finally your problem is solved said Clammy. Yes it is. And Im glad said Ella.