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''How the Fish in the Sea were back once again

By: Sarah H.
Alaska, Age 15

There once was a goddess of great strength and wisdom, he name was Cordillia. She lived amongst the mortals in a small harbor town by the shores of Pangea. She was loved and adored there, because she took care of everyone and protected them from any dangers that might lurk around. She had to protect the villagers from outsiders who may want to steal the fish in the ocean. You see, these fish were not just any fish, they were magical fish. They made the sick better instantly and made the people who ate them grow faster and stronger. Many people tried to steal the fish from the small little town, but Cordillia would not have it.
One day there were a group of riders that came upon the little village. These riders had been riding for days and were extremely tired. Jolen, the leader was a half blood. His father was Poseidon and his mother a mortal women. He was quit handsome, intelligent and strong. Cordillia living in the small harbor town all by he self for so long, fell for him instantly and he did for her as well. She allowed them to stay for awhile until they were well rested, then they would have to leave again. She dreaded telling Jolen this, but she had to continue to protect her little community with out distractions.
Jolen and his party stayed for a week and on the last day before they were about to leave, something in the air changed and all mayhem broke loose. The ocean began to thrash and crash. Winds began blowing 100 miles per hour and the sun disappeared behind super colossal clouds that were black as the night. The town was in a panic, everyone running, screaming back to their homes locking their doors behind them. Cordillia was preparing for battle, with Jolen and his men by her side. They had no idea what was heading there way, but they were ready for it. All of a sudden all the fish in the deep ocean began to rise form it and form a hideous beast. Every single last fish was gone and transformed into the Sea Monster know as Gailthore. Gailthore was a beast that destroyed towns near the ocean in one foul swoop. He would grow and grow and grow from the fish in the ocean then butcher the boroughs, and eat the people. As he continued to get bigger Cordillia and her army took action. They charged the beast at full force, nothing holding them back. Before Gailthore was ever finished expanding they cut him down like was nothing but a small tree. Gailthore has no power while he consumes everything, so it was an easy task. When Gailthore was vanquished the seas were once again flooded with hundreds of thousands of magical fish.