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Folktales of a dragon

By: Allison F.
Georgia, Age 7

Once upon a time, there were three dragons named Chief dragon, Pearl dragon and Purple dragon who lived a block from each other. The three dragons met while performing at a festival in the town, Olay, where they once lived.
One day Chief Dragon decided that he wanted to gain experience of life while on his own. So he left his parents home to look for a home of his own. He left with his belongings and found a comfortable home to live in the woods. Coincidentally, one day he decided to take a stroll to the Massage Shop in Kart, the nearest city to Olay, to get a massage. Before he went to the Massage Shop, he stopped to hunt for shrimp in the lake. Successfully, he got a claw full of shrimp and he could not wait to put them in his bag, so he walked and ate them all off. He was about to cross the street and while waiting for the travelerís carts filled with visitors travelling to the city to pass him, he saw Pearl Dragon.
He shouted out to Pearl Dragon and they hugged and greeted each other. They talked and talked and talked about Olay, and Chief Dragon discovered that Pearl dragon was on the same venture as himself. He took Pearl dragon to his home and Chief welcomed him to stay as long as he wants until he decides to leave. Pear dragon, seeing the comfort of Chief dragonís home signaled that he wanted to stay. So Chief dragon helped Pearl dragon unpack his stuff and Pearl suggested that they go find some food for dinner. So they walked and talked and played into the woods while looking for a good supply of food. After a mile of walking, Purple dragon shouted to them from across the lake, where he was hunting shrimp himself. Chief dragon and Pearl dragon rushed over to where he was and the three greeted each other and started talking. Purple dragon told them he was looking a home to stay but spaces were too close. Of course, Chief dragon welcomed Purple dragon to come live with him until he decides to leave. They travelled together to get extra supplies of food. Their bags were full so they decided to leave go home.
In the night, they prepared their beds and went to sleep. Chief dragon was a silent sleeper, while Pearl dragon hums in his sleep, Purple dragon breathe fire and laughs in his sleep. Now this distracted Chief dragonís sleep and these uncomfortable situations were not favorable to him. So he woke Purple dragon and Pearl dragon to tell them that they were disturbing him. They looked at him strangely and laughed and told him that they are different. Chief dragon could not answer but he just wanted a good sleep after a long day in the woods. He begged them to try and sleep quieter, but they grumbled and went back to bed. Again, they went back to bed and the same thing happened. Chief dragon jumped up this time and shouted out to them that he wanted to sleep but the other two dragons explained that they canít promise him a quiet sleep but they will try, and they went back to bed. Again it happened and Chief dragon got angry and told them to leave his home. The three dragonsí quarreled and Pearl and Purple dragon decided to leave in the dark night. Chief slammed the door and went to bed and slept very well.
The next morning Chief woke up and was getting to go look for them believing that they may have slept somewhere nearby, but they were nowhere to be found. He was sad and felt sorry for getting angry at them. He continued walking to where he thought they would be but no sight of them, so he continued walking to the city, but still not sight of them. He got an idea and decided to go back home to his parents to talk to them about what happened, and thatís exactly what he did. There he saw Pearl and Purple dragons sleeping at his parentís home. His mom talked to Chief dragon and he was even sorrier how he treated them. Later Pearl dragon and Purple dragon woke up and saw Chief dragon and they talked things over. They hugged and expressed their sorry for laughing at Chief dragon for wanting his comfortable sleep in the night.
The three decided to go back to Chief dragonís home and stay but they found separate spaces to sleep where they would not disturb each other.