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''How Heracles Met His Royall Family''

By: Angelica P.
Arizona, Age 11

Once there was a great god named Zeus and his wife {who was mortal}. They had a child named Heracles,he had the looks and the strength. But one day there was a terrible war between Zeus and the Titans. During the war Heracles fell from Mt.Olympus and landed in a small mans farm full of hay. So then,the man took him home and raised Heracles, until the man got very old and sick. The man told Heracles that he fell from the sky. Heracle didn't know what he meant. The man told him the whole story.''There is a horse with wings by the name of Pegasys.''
''I hid him in the ''Theater of Dionysus,''said the man. So Heracles went off to go get Pegasys. Pegasys, was white with blue hair. After a while Heracles figured out that he might of been the son of one of the Greek gods. So Heracles and Pegasys set off to Mt.Olympus to go find Zues the migthy god in order to find out who his mother and father were, but when he got to Mt.Olympus Zues told Heracles that his mother died when Heracles was just a baby and that all mighty Zues was Heracles's father. That's how Heracles met the royal family.