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Myth on a god that does your homework!!

By: Nirali P.
Michigan, Age 13

There are no more worries on your homework. The Hero is here!! His name is Homeworkeric. He has strong muscles form his head to his toe. He also has a big brain to get your homework done in minutes.

The symbol that helps him get your homework done is a book, which is open. He wears that around his neck. The weapons that he uses are pencils, pens, and paper. The enemies are the teachers.

He comes for a big family. He has father named Scienceric and he has a mother named Geographyeric. He also has a brother name Matheric and sister named Englisheric. He was born on June 11 1985, when he was born it was a dark cloudy day. He grew up with his father in heaven. While he grew up, this one girl use to call his name every day to get help from Homeworkeric god. But One day the girl did not call his name to get help from that god.

The girl did not have any homework. Homewrokeric was so mad that day. He went to the teacherĂs house, which gave the students no homework. The god said ˘why didnĂt you give the kids any homework.÷ The teacher said ˘sorry, I did not have homework to give to the kids. She had one worksheet for him to do because the god can no live with out any homework.

Homeworkeric can not live a day with out any homework. The god help the kids by doing there homework for them. So the kid would not have to stay home and do homework the god does it for them. He goes around to every kidĂs house and says here to do your homework. When the kids yell his name out he comes down from heaven and does there homework for them. No more worries on your homework.