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Peaceify The Goddess Of World Peace

By: Nichole S.
Michigan, Age 13

Once upon a time, their was a goddess of world peace. Her name was Peaceify. She was the daughter of Zeus who was the god of the Heavens and the Earth, and she was the daughter of Hera, the goddess of marriage and married women. Peaceify, was sent down to Viotopia to try and convince an evil ruler named Viloence that viloence was not the way to solve problems.
Let me tell you a little about Peaceify. She is the twin sister of Hestia the goddess of hearth and home. She is best friends with Aphrodite the goddess of love and beauty. Peaceify was loved by everyone in Mount Olympus where she lived. She had the peace sign as her symbol.
Before Peaceify left Earth, she had to pack. Instead of wearing her usual Toga, she wore a pair of camouflage pants and a camouflage shirt., so she could get into the Army. She was almost there, and she was getting kind of nervous.
Okay, now she was in Viotopia talking and arguing with Viloence that viloence was not the way to solve problems. Viloence, on the otherhand said no, that he could not stop viloence after what happened on Setember 11. All he wanted to do was to get even with the evil god Hades. Peaceify wouldn't give up at all. She walked the 10,000 miles to Viotopia every day, trying to convince Viloence about the war issues, but all Viloence would say is no, why would I god of viloence, hatred and evil want to forgive someone for bombing my home? Still, Peaceify would not give up hope. She got so desperate that she started breaking their weapons. But still, he just would not stop.
Something happened though. No one in their right mind would expect this to happen, but it did. Peaceify and Viloence fell madly in love. This love was so strong that no one could break it. Finally, Peaceify asked Viloence for the last time if he could stop wars. He said yes. He thought that Bulveria had enough suffering, and it was time to be nice. Everyone was wondering what was going to happen next.
Since Viloence said yes, their love was now unbreakable. They had a daughter and named her Heavenily. Peaceify took her new family back to Mount Olympus where they all lived happely ever after in a viloence-free world.