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Why the earth got hit by a meteor?

By: Damian G.
New Jersey, Age 10

Everybody knows that the dinosaurs are dead because of a meteor that hit the earth billions of years ago.But why did the earth get hit by a meteor?Dinosaurs Had an amazing life.They had plenty of food,water, and land.They would brag about their wonderful life when they piled on top of each other,to talk to the stars.Their leader Glopo,the biggest tyranasaurus Rex,would be on top.He would do all the speaking.Glopo would always talk to this weak meteor every day.''You are so small,''he would say,''you are stuck floating in the sky while us dinosaurs have ground under our feet.''This made the meteor mad.Every time the dinosaurs would come to him he would get madder and madder.When he got mad he got bigger.And bigger and bigger he grew.''You must be starving up there,''said Glopo.''that's the way it should be.You being hungry,sad,and alone.'' By now the meteor was very big.''I've had enough!''the meteor yelled,''I can't take it anymore!''He nudged into the dinosaurs making them topple over and they went falling down to the ground.Aiming at Glopo the meteor went charging into Glopo and the earth.And then there were no more dinosaurs.