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A Bite By a Wolf Spider

By: Jerina H.
North Carolina, Age 10

In Australia there is a Wolf Spider and if it bites you. You can turn in to a Wolf Spider. The Wolf Spider eats, beetles, flies, ants you will also .To turn back in a human you will have to go to the wizards. There is two wizards. One is a woman and the other is a man. They can be nice or mean if you bother them 20 times. You will have 72 hours to turn back in a human. If you donít go to the wizards you will remain a Wolf Spider for 5 years. The people that turn in a Wolf Spider when to the Wolf Spider. When they went to the wizards. He said bring me apples some fish and grass. That will help all of you be back humans. The people came back with the stuff and the wizards turn them back in humans. They said beetles, flies, ants taste so nasty. They all went back home and learn a lesson. Never in my life I am not going to touch a Wolf Spider again.