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By: Justin S.
Michigan, Age 13


Once upon a time, Poseidon and his three brothers were born. At a young age Poseidon discovered he could swim very well. Poseidon was perfect and he loved to rub it in his brothersĂ faces. He made remarks like, ˘look how good I can swim÷ and ˘ha ha youĂre slow.÷ Eventually the other brothers got mad. They swore that they would cause Poseidon pain and misery. They were nicknamed, Speedster, Drowner, and Naives. They were the waters worst nightmare.

20 years later ÓÓÓÓÓ

Ring! Ring! PoseidonĂs alarm clock rang. Poseidon finally woke to turn it off and got dressed. Then he set out to the surface of the water to begin his superhero day. When he reached the surface, there was chaos everywhere. People were driving their boats like crazy people. There was already one accident and many people were driving recklessly in the water. ˘This looks like it is going to be a long day,÷ Poseidon said to himself. So he started undoing the chaos by first getting the boaters out of the water. As Poseidon swam over to the boaters he could see that they were being pulled under the water by something. Then Poseidon realized it was Drowner and that he must quickly save the people. Poseidon pried the drowning people from Drowner and helped them to safety. But the fight wasnĂt over yet, he still had to fight Drowner. Poseidon did this by taking his trident and zapping Drowner with it. The blast knocked Drowner unconscious. Because Drowner couldnĂt swim he drowned.
Poseidon, happy that he had defeated one of his enemies knew his work was not done for the day. His next challenge was to stop the crazy boater who kept harassing the wildlife and nearly running into other boaters. Poseidon swam over to see what was wrong with the driver of the boat. From a distance, Poseidon could see the driver was being controlled by Speedster. Using his powerful trident, Poseidon stopped the boat until he could catch up to it. Oce Poseidon reached the boat he freed the driver from Speedster. Again, using his trident, Poseidon zapped Speedster unconscious and Speedster drowned.
Poseidon had defeated two of his three enemies so where was Naives? Out of the corner of his eye, Poseidon saw a yacht out of control heading straight for sharp rocks. This could only be the work of Naives. As Poseidon swam closer he could see Naives was controlling the mind of the yacht driver. Thinking quickly Poseidon changed the current of the water and steered the yacht away from the rocks. Now that the danger was over, Poseidon summoned a huge shark that ate PoseidonĂs enemy, Naives.
Poseidon was exhausted. He swam downward to his home at the bottom of the sea. Poseidon thought to himself, ˘good job for the day÷ and then went to bed content he had defeated his enemies.