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John's Challenges

By: Benjamin V.
Indiana, Age 13

John was not wanting to carry the trees back to the camp tonight. He didn't want to hunt for bears to provide food and skins to trade. He didn't want to but he knew his civilization needed him to do it for them. His civilization counted on him and he was driven to do his best. Their civilization worked as a group and John was a hero to them and their whole civilization.
When John was a boy he was born into a family with five boys and one girl. All his brothers were very strong and muscular but did not have determination and didn't feel the need to be kind. They were just those big bullies that picked on John and everyone else all the time. John was just like them, big and strong, but there was one difference. He was a hard worker and he really wanted to help people by using the gifts he had. He didn't love doing all the heavy lifting and gathering supplies, but he was a kind beast and he did it just to be helpful to others, unlike his brothers. He wanted to have an impact on the world and be recognized for how powerful and set apart he was.
When John was about five years old his parents decided to go on a trip to another part of the world. At that time his family was living in an uncivilized area and had to travel an hour just to get food and water. John's parents decided it would be OK for the kids to stay home for a week without them while they went on their trip. Because John was so much more civilized and giving than all his siblings, his siblings wanted to get rid of him. So they decided to go on a trip deep into a forest with lots of water and with a lake called Rolie whose waters were as pure as washed hands. They spent the night there and that night they made a plan. They planned to leave as soon as John went to sleep and abandon him. John went to sleep and they left as soon as he fell asleep. When he woke up he could see no traces of where they were and he knew they purposely left him.
So this was the start of John's exciting adventures. All John's brothers just went about normal life and John's parents didn't really care they left John because they had so many kids anyway. So John set off to work. He carried the heavy, hard, tough wood to build his house. John exercised patience and decided to wait it out instead of choosing right away where he will live next. He has faith in himself that he can provide nourishing, maybe somewhat tasteful, food and maybe a little bit of water. He believes his strength, which is as strong as a lion, and his quick thinking will get him through with enough food for the time being. About a month after John had been providing for himself he became very tired and didn't have the enjoyment of providing for himself anymore. He felt very discouraged and wanted to change something in his life. Then one day when he was thinking of what he could change he spots a moose in the distance. John decides to go after the moose because he feels very hungry and he feels like he will die if he doesn't get food right away. John creeps up quietly to the moose and has it in his sights. He is remembering the thrill of killing an animal and how much pride and thrill of excitement he gets. He runs up to the moose and the moose could hear his footsteps right away because of his superb hearing but the moose just acts normal. John jumps on top of the moose and is about to kill it. John could smell the moose and his unpleasant stench from being in the wild for so long.He pulls out his knife to kill the moose but then the moose shouts, “No, please don't. I know the way around these mountains and forests, and I could help you.”
But then John exclaims, ''But as soon as I let you go you won't help me! You will just run away from me because you are so much faster than me and you don't want to help me.''
''No I won't. I promise. I want to hang out with you and help you and become friends with you.'' So John persuades himself to stay when he thinks You know what, I really could use help and it would be a lot more fun if I had someone to help me do all my chores and do my daily routines with me.
So John lets the moose get up and they get to talking to each other and they developed a very deep relationship. John stuck around a lot longer than he expected. And about a month after John met the moose some new people showed up. They were looking to start a new civilization called Islandia. They really liked where the location of the area was. They liked how it was in the southeast and had very good physical features like lake Rolie and how it had lots of mountains, valleys and forests. Soon the people of Islandia found out how strong John was and how the moose and John worked really well together. They also caught on that John was a very kind, tender and caring person. They asked him if he would work with their civilization and John gladly accepted. He began right away and he really enjoyed it. He loved the new challenges it brought up and how it made him have to work a lot harder than before. In return to all his hard work he got lots of nice, new clothes and a lot better food.
John really liked it for a while, but then like all other jobs it got boring after a while. John knew that if he kept working really hard their civilization could become very powerful. All the people at his civilization kept saying, “Oh no, you can't stop. You help us so much!”
But then John replied to them, ''I really don't enjoy it though. I feel like I am not having fun and it seems like it doesn't pay off.''
''Yeah, well you make our civilization so much more valuable and you could really help us become a world power.''
''Ok, you are right. I should do it for you guys because I really want to help you guys and I sincerely care about you.'' Then John remembers back to those times when he was still with his family and how they were always selfish and how he hated that so much, so he decided to persevere through this and do his job to the best of his ability. He keeps working extremely hard to provide not only to supply enough for their basic needs but to be able to trade also. Eventually Islandia become wealthy enough to start trading with other nations. They were smelling breakthrough of their civilization. They became a lot more powerful and influential and they realized that it was mostly because of John. John was a hero but he was very humble and gave a lot of credit to his very trustworthy moose. His moose really helped him have perseverance and determination when he really wanted to quit.
John's civilization became very well known all over the world. They were a very trade rich civilization and had a mighty influence on what people liked and the new things that hit the market. John kind of took a backseat and just let the leaders of this civilization get all the glory. John was extremely happy with how he led this civilization to become a world power. And he was not at all upset about how he did not get the glory and praise for being the one who started this civilization. John was pleased because in his heart he knew he was the real reason for the success and that was pleasing to him. John being John to the end, always being kind and never taking glory for himself. And John and his moose lived happily ever after. John's civilization grew and grew and they are still one of the most powerful civilizations in the world still to this day and John is recognized solely because of his hard work. There is a statue of him in their town center and he is the most recognized person of this civilization.