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How The Turtle Got Its Cracked Shell

By: Jasmine K.
Michigan, Age 10

One windy day in November there was a turtle who hated the cold so one day he decided to ask one of the birds if he could come with them So the turtle asked two of the birds if they could bring him with them The Bird said “sure, why not we have never carried a turtle south before.” So the next day the two birds and the turtle that off but before they left the turtle told the birds never ever let go. days and days passed one day the birds were getting tired and flailing around though the turtle said don't drop me, but before he knew it he was falling! He did not realize that he had been the one who let go. And as the turtle hit the ground turtle's shell cracked And so every turtle that has been passed on for generations has a cracked shell. So that is how the turtle got its cracked shell.