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A Great Inventor

By: Jake E.
Michigan, Age 14

There once was a story of a great king who only had one leg. This really dissapointed him beacause he loved to walk and run, so he had to think of a way he could do the things he enjoyed outside. But this king had grown lazy after not being able to move around so he invented a chair, a chair so flawless in its ''lazy design'' that he would simply put wheels on it and have somebody push him around in his ''wheele chair''.
after too long the king got tired of sitting down and eventually came up with a leg made of wood that he would simply tie onto his stub and walk around. this was the ''peg leg''. Which soon became popular with pirates in wich have nothing to do with my story so pay attention! Anyway, the king lived somewhat happily ever after exept he kept getting slivers if wood in his stub. But he was always thinking of new ways to be completely mobile.