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Man on the Moon

By: Johnny L.
Michigan, Age 13

Millions of years ago when the Earth was first created the gods were at a meeting about what to do next. The Earth god said to make plants and water on the baren planet. So he did make plants and water covering most of the world. The other gods liked this. The water god made his palace in the most beautiful lake with crystal clear water and a rushing waterfall. The earth god made his castle in a green forest with healthy gardens everywhere. The other gods admired this.
The meeting went on and the god of thunder mentioned how the gods were alone on the Earth. So he had made creatures called animals, insects, dinosours, fish, and birds. He made hi tower among the most inhabited valley with trees, ponds, and feilds. The gods admired this too.
The god of fire braught up the fact that this was all nice... but no one could see it! It was eternaly dark on the new world! The gods immediatly took this regard under consideration. The god of fire said he would create an enormous ball of fire and send it off into space to light the planet. So he did. The ball of fire he called a sun, because it was his creation, like a son. There was a problem. The sun would fall before it was time for night. One day the sun fell to the earth and destroyed all of the dinosours and animals. This made the gods mad at the fire god. They cursed the fire god to make a new sun and hold it up untill night time. At night time he found a big ball of white ash that had hardened somehow from the explosion. He slept on it at night and hid the sun behind it untill morning. He called it the moon. Millions of years later he was known as the man on the moon.