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Michigan Is Born

By: Nick G.
Michigan, Age 13

One day the north was covered in snow and there was a snow storm every two hours and a blizzard every five hours.This continued until zoos the king of the gods said that his feet were all was frozen when he went to the north .So one day he said that is enough snow so he made the north warm and it was like a rain forest. Then he told the people that lived in the south that the north was warm. Then people started up towards the north but when the got there and stayed there for while the were getting tired of all the water not staying in one place so final they told zoos. he said that he would make some of the water stay in one place. the people called it The Great Lakes. Then the people conplanied again to zoos that they were hungry and they also needed shelter. then zoos said it will be done so he made caves and animals and told them how to make weapons to hunt. Then he told them to call this place Michigan and that he would couldn't help them any more. Good luck he said and he shot back to mountain olympus. And that's how Michigan was born.