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Why Zebras Have Stripes

By: Paige C.
New Jersey, Age 10

Once upon a time long, long, ago in Africa there lived 2 lions and 1 zebra. The lions were dark orange, and the zebra was bright white. The lions were always sneaking up on zebra because he was so bright they could see him from a mile away. The next day zebra luckily escaped from the two lions. The next thing you know zebra was in a cave with a human wearing a dark robe. Why do you hide here zebra? Asked the Lady. My skin is to white so the two lions can se me a mile away. Well would you like me to fix that? Replied the human. Yes, yes anything to keep the deadly lions away. Done said the human, she took out two buckets of black paint and made stripes to confuse the lion when the sun is out. Zebra walked out of the cave and he saw the two lions looking around Africa confused they could not find their prey. Now the zebra is safe. That's how zebras have their stripes.