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Rain of Sorrow

By: Casey P.
Michigan, Age 13

In a time not very long ago, in a place not so very far away there lived a King. The king had three daughters. The oldest was named Clara, the middle Niehiam and the youngest was named Lyiden. Lyiden was to inhert all of her fathers land for she was the first to be married.Her sister Niehiam was very jelouse for she wanted her fathers land. One day when Niehiam and Lyiden were walking by the river on a bright and sunny day, there was no other kind of day for it never rained, Lyiden and Niehiam got in a fight and out of rage Niehaim pushed lyiden into the river. Lyiden called out to her sister to save her but her sister refused. Niehiam quickly replyed ''I will give neither hand nor glove unless you give up your one true love.'' Knowing that Lyiden would never give up her love she let her sister drown.
When Niehiam told her father and sister that Lyiden was drawn away by the current a terrible greif swept the land. The King was in such distress that he never left his room and wept day and night.He cryed so much that the earth wept with him.
As the years passed the people of the land had long forgotten about Lyiden and her family. They did not remember why the earth wept as it did and ther called it's tears rain.