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Why we have the name Winter

By: Lauren B.
New Jersey, Age 10

One day there was a big race going on. Ter was a very competitive runner and and was mad when he lost a race. Ter trained all year for this race. The night before the race Ter heard on the news that it was going to be snowing on the day of the race. He was worried now that all this training was not worth it to him any more. But he had to try.The day of the race came and Ter was ready. He got there and heard that the prize was to name the season when it snowed. Now that Ter heard this great news he knew he had to win. When everybody got in line for the race,he sprinted to the front.The race started and Ter was in the front. As soon as he knew it he had won! Ter was handed a piece of paper to wright what the name of this season. He choose,Winter! Ter told everybody that he choose Winter because he won the race and his name was Ter so it turned out to be Winter! From now on everybody calls it Winter when snow falls!