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How Rain Came to Be.

By: Helen M.
New Jersey, Age 10

One day there was a little girl named Zoe who was the daughter of Zeus. She wished she had the power to make her own goddess. Zeus said she did have the power to make a goddess but should not ever try to make one. Zoe did not want to listen to her father so she tried to make a type of goddess. She did not know she could die if she tried to make a god or goddess. She would turn into rain! So that night Zoe ran outside and used the power of fire to make a fire god. as Zoe was finishing up she started to turn clear and wet! She was rain! She was getting weaker and weaker as she tried to walk into her dad's bedroom. Zeus was furious! He punished Zoe, but Zoe ran away! every time she thought about Zeus, She cried rain into the clouds which is how rain came to be.