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By: Michelle F.
Michigan, Age 13

Many years ago, when we did not exist, there was only one man. His name was Polaris, and he was so big that he took up the entire universe. Because there was no room for any friends, he was very lonely. So, one day, he decided to split in half. That way, there would be two of him and he would have someone to talk to. He named his other half Taurus. One day, they began to fight. Taurus was tired with his brother Polaris, so he split in half and made a sister.He named her Aquarius, and they had a lot of fun together, playing tricks on Polaris. He did not like this, so he tried to hide from them, but he was so much bigger than they were that they always found him. He could not think of anything else, so he played the biggest trick of all. He disappeared. When Aquarius noticed this, she became very worried, and called for him, but he would not answer. She and Taurus decided that they needed more brothers and sisters to search for him, so they each made five of themselves. They had no time to name the new people, as they had to find Polaris as quickly as possible. After several days they gave up. Aquarius wept because she thought that he had gone foreve, and Taurus was very sad. But, little did they know, that he had been watching them the whole time! He made himself visible again and laughed os hard that his side cracked. He saw it and pried himself in two once more, creating just one more sister. Aquarius and Taurus decided that the time had come to name their brothers and sisters. One by one they gave each star a name, thinking what would best suit them. Gemini, the twins, were the first to go. Next, Scorpio, Cancer, and Libra, Leo, Pisces, Capricorn Saggitarius, and Aries. The last little sister was named Virgo, for she was the smallest and youngest of them all.