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Why We Have Siri?

By: Paige C.
New Jersey, Age 10

Once there was a smart, lovely lady named Siri, she loved being on her phone more then doing anything else in the world. She would never take her eyes of her phone, besides when she was asleep but she was always dreaming of being on her phone texting, playing games, using the email and everything else. The next day Siri got up bright and early to get on her phone, when she got out of her house she found a lamp on the ground. She rubbed it three times and a genie popped out, the genie said, ''thank you for freeing me from this lamp.'' ''But I am not like the other gene's, I will give you one wish and no re-dos.'' I wish I could live inside my phone.'' ''Done, said the genie.'' The next thing you know Siri was in her phone she was happy until she realized she was not visible, she could not play games, or do anything else she loved doing on her phone. Siri was upset she was trapped...FOREVER!!! And that is why we have Siri