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Inside is what really matters.

By: Chae eun P.
Thailand, Age 13

Once upon a time long long ago. There was a goddess named Cassie. It was her first day of school. Everything new. One day she saw a boy she fell in love with him.

However, the boy didn't like her back. It spread and spread and apparently into Cassie's ear. Cassie got so upset. She went back home returning from a horrible first day of school.

The first thing Cassie did was she sat in front of the mirror and point out all the flaws. She had less eyebrows, many pimples, ugly nose, uneven eyes. Still she didn't want to give up on Tim.

The next day, she came back home sad again. She found out that Tim got a girlfriend. Cassie thought to herself. I'm more prettier than her more flawless than her, how can he like an ugly girl.

She found out that what really matters is the inside. If you are pretty inside it makes you look pretty outside. Although you have many flaws, no one is perfect. People in earth still haven't learned the lesson that inside is what really matters as a result, turns out that people still don't know that inside is what makes you beautiful.