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''sea stars''

By: Melissa C.
Utah, Age 14

10,000 years ago when the ocean was so dark and no one wanted go there, the nocturnal creatures of the sky wanted investigate for a magic rock in the dark ocean, the moon and the stars was worried about who go to the ocean that night, the moon, that was the queen of the sky'' decided that the stars should go, because they are more brave for that mission, but she was worried for they,so, she send a angel with them too, the stars they fell to the ocean and fell to the more dark part of the ocean and they found a bigger shark that had the magic rock, and he wanted trade the rock for all the stars that came on that trip, because he said that the ocean was so dark and he like the sky when was with light during the night and he said that all the marine creatures night like for survive too, then the angel had no choice and the stars stayed in the ocean shining at night to the moon know that they are fine.