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One planet

By: Brian T.
Michigan, Age 13

Long before time there was one big planet. just one but this was no ordinary planet. it was huge but there was nothing on it well it had water and sand but other than that it was bare its un exsplanable how big this planet was. but if you took a journey inside it was dark and and there were rocks and stones all over the place there was also fire. every where then out of know where a man like creature came out. he was know ordinary man he was huge just like the planet he was fit for it it was like his home but he was the only one there no one else to talk to or nothing so years went by while the man like creature waited for somthing amazing to happen but nothing did he was still there stuck by himself then one day he went up the top of the huge planet he came out of the under world and gathered water gor that night and for a week or to when he got to the top he looked out over the universe and all he saw wwas black a white like specs all over he thought to himself i should give these whit specs a name i'll call them stars he looked over the unvierse there was nothing he thought to him slef i cant believe it there nothing out there nothing so he gathers his water and went back to the under world when night fell or so he thougth it did he got really mad and fustrated his face turn beat red and he grew and grew and grew some and when he got to big for the inside of the giant planet the planet burst ''BOOM'' little rock big rocks giant peices of this planet flew every where after three years or so the man like creature was know to be found but there was somthing amazing there planets and little asteroids and the stars everywhere and thats where the planets came to be.