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If Only If Only.

By: Stephanie H.
Michigan, Age 13

Once long long ago there was a little princess named Grace, Grace got every thing she wanted, anything a little girl could dream for. But one day the butler comes up to her and says ''Ginger i have some very upseting to tell you. What is Vrice?Your mother was driving home from the supermarket it was really rainy she couldnt see she got into a head on car collision. This very upsetting for all of us. Vrice is my father alright?Yes Ginger he is fine. He is in cirtical condition.Although she did leave this for you it is her blue ruby necklace she has had this since she was a little girl. But one day Ginger went to school and came home she didn't hear a peep it was as quite as a mouse. Vrice sha called Papa she called no on there except herself and her dog crumble she looked on the dining room table to find a letter saying''If you want your papa and Vrice back bring five thousand dollars to the plaza hotel.Ginger could not find money like that so she just showed up. her papa and Vrice were nowhere to be found. she cries till this day saying if only if only...