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''Earth'' Quake

By: Camille F.
Florida, Age 14

One day Mother Nature and all her kids were outside playing in the woods when she felt a kick in her stomach. She was pregnant at the time, and she was about to have her next child. She needed to decide on a name. But it was to late to think. Next thing you know she was holding her nameless baby in her arms.
Almost a month later she still had no name. But she was remembering a pattern of him getting very anger and stomping his feet and flailing around. He would shake his whole bed, and Mother Nature didn't know how to stop him.
As he grew older he got more powerful and he really badly needed a name. Mother Nature decided on Quake because she wanted something original and new. By now when he got mad he would shake the whole village, and every one was used to it. Everyone knew who he was, and he knew everyone. Quake considered himself the luckiest child because he was the baby, and he was Mother’s favorite.
Exactly 2 months had passed since his last “quake”, that is what everyone in the village calls his shaky tantrums, and he was having great day until Mother Nature walked into the house. She came in and told him that she was having another child. Quake got really mad so he ran outside and stomped and jumped and talked until the whole earth was shaking. Buildings fell and the ground shook. The whole world was confused until word got out that it was an “earthquake”.