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“How Ice came to Be”

By: Sophia L.
New York, Age 9

Back in the old days, ice was nice and warm and it never melted. There was once an old man that thought everything was his. Whenever he saw something that he thought was outstanding, she would take it with him and whenever someone doesn’t let him, he punches that person until he/she runs away. What he mostly loved was ice. He said it was nice and warm and it never melted. Each and every day, he hugged it at night and brought it everywhere with him. He kept on being very self-centered and everyone got not only angry but also annoyed.
People hated the old man and knew that he really loved ice. They decided to come up with a formula that can make ice cold and make it melt. They put the ice cube under the old man’s pillow and when he started hugging it, he screamed. He never got to meet his ice cube again; it had melted. This is the ice cube we see today.

Moral of the story: Never be selfish and greedy