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''Sisters Who went up stairs''

By: Cierra B.
South Carolina, Age 15

One night two sisters were home watching T.V. and their parents were about to go out for a few hours. When the parents left the house, the two sisters were still watch tv, a couple of minutes later one of the sisters heard a noise coming from up stairs so one of the sisters asked the other sister did she hear anything and she said ''No'' so the other sister said ''Okay maybe I am going crazy. 10 minutes later both of the sisters heard the noise this time. They both went upstairs to see what the noise was. Both of the sisters stood at the door for a while because they didn't know what it could have been. So one of the sisters opened the door and there it was a little girl standing in the middle of the room covered in blood. The two sisters were scared they didn't know what to do at that moment. They asked the little girl what was her name and the girl said''My name is Mary Worth''.The two sisters were afraid because they knew who she was. They tried to run out the door but Mary had shut the door before they could get to it. They were screaming but no one could hear them at all. Mary Worth told the two girls that they were going to die tonight so the girls started to cry because they didn't want to die. Mary Worth disappeared out of no where so the girls were trying to escape from her but they couldn't find no way to hide. They got under the bed and hid under there until they had a idea they Mary Worth had gone for ever. They came from under the bed and tried to see if the door was still lock but it was. They both decided to go out through the wind and go out side but as soon as both of the sisters got outside, Mary was standing outside saying ''Your time is short'' The girls were scared of what was going to happen to them. So they ran into an abandoned house where they could hide from Mary again but Mary was waiting on them so she could kill them so soon as they went into the house there were upstairs, the sisters went up the stairs to find something to protect them by the time they found something Mary Worth had a knife in her hand and she sliced the girls neck in half and they both fell to the ground and Mary Worth Disappeared in the air...