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Love never fails

By: Jasmine P.
Florida, Age 10

Once upon a time,the was a prince named Zecharia he lived in the ocean.One day he met a beautiful woman.Her name was Starfire.She lived in the desret but Zecharia didnt know.So he fell in love with Starfire but she did not love Zacharia.She loved a man named Robin.Then Zacharia got very mad and made a tsunami!The tsunami almost destroyed the world!Then Starfire felt bad for zacharia because when he stoped the tsunami he went to his castle and cried and cried.So Starfire went down to the ocean to talk to him.Then they fell in and got married two weeks later.Then they a child whos name was Kiara she lived in both the desret and the ocean.Then Robin kidnapped Kiara and Zacharia and starfire looked every where but never to be found.So Robin came and said ''I kidnapped your daughter and now she is ruler of the under world''.Then zacharia went down to the under world to get his daugter and when he there Robin forced Kiara to marrie him!She was crieing so much.Then Kiara almost killed Robin by almost pushing him into the tar pit of fire when she was running away from him!Zacharia saved her and they went back home.The End!😆