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Ice Woman

By: Bryanna M.
Virginia, Age 13

Once upon a time 50 million years ago there was a heroine named ice woman. She lived in a cottage that smelled like coffee and gumdrops. She went out through the town to see her grandmother because she is ill and cant move her feet. As she went through the town a peasant knocked over a bowl of apples and Ice woman tripped. She dropped her goods and had walk back home to get more. Ice woman made back and she was half way to her grandmother's house until the Snider came, Ice Woman wasn't scared. Snider started talking to Ice Woman and said, ''Hey watcha got there ice lady?'' she said ''It's for me to know and you to find out!'', and the snider took the bowl of goods and Ice woman froze him with her ice power. Ice Woman took the basket and got bike to ride and took off to her grandmother's house. Grandmother was sleeping so Ice Woman sat the basket at her desk and poured a cup of milk and sat it right beside the basket. She gave her grandmother a kiss and walked out.
the End